Why is My Los Angeles Water Heater Making Noise

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Water heaters aren’t known to make too much sound when they are operating, so it can be worrying when one starts to hear popping, banging or rumbling sounds originating from the unit. Today Water Heater Repair Los Angeles is going to speak about the most common reason your water heater could begin making noise and what one can do to quiet it down!

Water Heater Repair Los Angeles

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The most likely reason your water heater is making noise

The most likely description behind your water heating making sound is that sediment has built up on the bottom of your tank. This sediment is generally made up of calcium and magnesium deposits from your tap water, and it’s particularly common in homes that have hard water.

When sediment builds up at the bottom of your water heater’s tank, it traps some hot water under it. As this happens, hot water bubbles start to form and break through the sediment. This frequently leads to a “popping” sound that is heard often while your water heater is running.

In addition, the sediment itself could be accountable for numerous water heater noises. That’s because the sediment is close to your water heater’s burning elements, which causes it to burn up and make different unusual noises. As water flows throughout the water heater, sediment can also break off from the bottom and bang against the sides of the tank.

How to stop your water heater from making banging

If your water heater is making sound due to the fact that sediment build-up, the first thing one need to do is to have it examined for an apparent cause. Water Heater Repair Los Angeles CA can do this for you and if sediment accumulation is the culprit, we can flush the water heater tank or recommend an additional choice to remedy the issue.

There are likewise a few things you can do to avoid sediment from building up inside the storage tank in the first place. The first is to make certain you have professional upkeep carried out on your water heater once each year. During upkeep, we’ll flush your tank and remove any sediment that has built up since the last maintenance consultation.

Another excellent choice is to set up a water softener in your house. A water softener eliminates minerals from your water prior to they can enter the water heater, which can substantially reduce sediment accumulation inside the storage tank.

If you have any questions about your water heater making noise offer Water Heater Repair Los Angeles us a call today.

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